Generation Zombie

I am not one for crying but it kind of seems appropriate now because I love irony but now I am its victim and I am very not happy

I drew the best fucking thing I have drawn in months and as I was about to save my program crashed on me


i tried to draw and all i managed is this

Is it only when you draw to show someone or drawing in private just for you? I get crazy nervous and anxious when people watch me draw or i show something personal for the first time.

Drawing just for me, I’d say, because I don’t properly draw anything for other people that is more than a 5-minute-doodle. For me the simple act of drawing, not matter what, for what, or for whom, has just gotten incredibly stressful, but at the same time, it makes me anxious when I don’t draw, so I’m kinda fucked.

I have that problem too. I get anxiety right before i post anything explicit. :(

The issue is just that I get anxiety the second I pick up my pen to draw
just look at the canvas/blank paper


“hey i think i want to draw this thing”
*picks up pen*
“wow no”

I just really want MadaHashi smut and to be able to draw without feeling bad

haha I’m not the anon but I feel this way about you and a few other people in the HashiMada fandom ^_^’

Naw ;A; but seriously I am a fucking nerd with 5 friends who is kind of incapable of proper conversation, I do not know just how enjoyable a convo with me would be ;_;

i want to talk to you but don't know what to say so just know someone wanted to talk to you very badly

Man it’s okay like I’d probably talk enough for three people cause all I ever do in conversations is rambling about super irrelevant stuff OTL
I am quite flattered though that you wish to talk to me so badly! ;u;

Managed my first proper doodle in two or three days! ;u;

Managed my first proper doodle in two or three days! ;u;